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Kobe Bryant’s DUYU Story

The late, great Kobe Bryant has eternal celebrity that transcends sports. He is a beloved hero and cherished icon – not just in Los Angeles, not just in basketball, but to millions who know his name all over the world.

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DUYU Series

Shaun White’s DUYU Story

Shaun White is almost universally considered to be the greatest snowboarder of all time. A three-time Olympic gold medalist, he is a household name in a sport without many.

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We wanted to create a brand name and logo that depicted/embodied passion to succeed by infinite work ethic; not listening to what others say you cannot do, but, rather, doing what you know you can do. Those others (”They”) do not know you. They said Michael Jordan would never make it. They said Tom Brady would never make it. Well, through continuous (infinite∞) hard work, belief in themselves and not listening to They, both made it big. Don’t do They – Do You; DUYU!! ∞ + DUYU = 

The DUYU spirit applies not only to athletes, but to all people in all walks of life worldwide, in many professions, from sports to business. 

The Logo , called the “Radial”, was derived from Archimedean spirals representing three bent human legs designed with polar coordinates for rotational (”Radial”) symmetry such that, once finely tuned, no matter how you turn, you’re always on top! The colors in the Radial represent blood, sweat and tears!!

Don't let THEY lead you astray,

Do what you know , Do what you do!!! DUYU!!!